Rebound Physio | Rebound Physio Befast | Expert Sports Physio & Neuro Physiotherpy in Belfast
Rebound Physio Belfast is a new state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic featuring the highest quality equipment and experienced specialist practitioners delivering sports physiotherapy and neuro physiotherapy for musculoskeletal, sports injuries. Expert East Belfast Physio physiotherapists.
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About Us

Rebound Physio Belfast is a new state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic featuring the highest quality equipment and experienced specialist practitioners delivering therapy for musculoskeletal, sports injuries and neurological conditions.

Located in Castlereagh Business Park off the Castlereagh Road, we offer ample free parking and easy access to our 2000 square foot ground floor facility which includes large private treatment rooms and a purpose-built gym with the latest equipment to support your treatment and recovery.


To Make an appointment with our highly skilled, trusted physiotherapists. Phone 028 90992444

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Being part of a professional rugby team I am well used to the physiotherapy couch. After my recent illness, I understand the importance of physiotherapy in rebuilding your health as well as your confidence in your own body. It was an anxious time for me and for my family and really brought home to me what it’s like to deal with serious illness. The team at Rebound specialise not only in sports injury treatments but also in recovery from neurological conditions, like I had. I really like that Rebound Physio is supporting the charity Brain Injury Matters – it’s great that a business is giving something back to the community and helping people during a critical time in their lives.

Ulster & Ireland rugby player, Chris Henry

Diagnosed with a TIA, a temporary blockage of a small blood vessel in his brain, in 2014

Our Team

Dr Jonathan McCrea

Neurological Physiotherapist

Jonnie graduated form Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh with a BSc(Hons) and then a PhD in Physiotherapy. He has worked in a range of clinical settings in Scotland and Northern Ireland. He first worked with neurological patients as a student and since 2002 has managed patients with neurological conditions in the inpatient, outpatient and domiciliary setting. For over 5 years he worked in the University of Glasgow as an advanced health research analyst in the field of neurology, assimilating, analysing, disseminating and educating clinicians in an evidence based practice approach to patient care.


Jonnie is currently the board member for public affairs of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN) and a member of the Northern Ireland ACPIN regional Group.


Jonnie has worked for many years with international and national experts in the field of neurophysiotherapy in clinical, academic and professional contexts. He brings together a significant wealth of knowledge, skill and experience for optimal patient assessment, treatment and management.

Trudy 2

Trudy Matchett

Chartered Physiotherapist

Trudy is a very experienced physiotherapist who graduated in 1986 from Ulster University with BSc Hons Physiotherapy.  Trudy is a highly skilled and experienced manual therapist who uses a holistic patient centred approach.  Trudy has worked for most of her life in London and India.


Trudy has a special interest in spinal conditions and chronic pain.


Our physiotherapists work on a one-to-one basis focusing solely on your needs, developing a treatment and exercise programme to support your recovery.

General Physiotherapy

We can treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems for children and adults including:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Joint pain
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
Neurological Physiotherapy

Using the latest evidence based practice, we offer a range of treatment options for:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Subarachnoid haemorrhage
  • Post brain cancer
  • 2 week intensive neurological physiotherapy
Other Services
  • Running Analysis
  • Pilates Classes
  • Biomechanical Assessments


Treatments are delivered using a combination of our large private treatment rooms and our extensive purpose built gym with specialist equipment designed to aid recovery.

The Gym Includes:

  • Electrotherapy equipment
  • Free standing weights
  • Cybex total body arc
  • Treadmill
  • Trampoline
  • Assisted pedal exerciser
  • Core work equipment e.g. gym balls / yoga bosu
  • Theraband / resistance bands

Our Ethos


At Rebound Physio Belfast we want our clients to feel better and to lead healthy, active lives.

Uniquely, all of our profits go directly to the charity Brain Injury Matters. We want to give something back to the community, to help those that need it most to rebuild their lives.



Get In Touch


BIM Enterprises(NI)C.I.C.
Suite 5C, Stirling House,
Castlereagh Business Park,
478 Castlereagh Road,

  +44 (0) 28 9099 2444

Privacy Policy & Code of Practice

Keeping your records

This clinic complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR and this policy describes our procedures for ensuring that personal information about patients is processed fairly and lawfully.

What personal data to we hold?

In order to provide you with a high standard of physiotherapy care, we need to hold personal information about you.  This personal data comprises of:

Past and current medical conditions; personal details such as your age, address, telephone number and your general medical practitioner; information about the treatment that we have provided or propose to provide and its cost; notes of conversations/incidents that might occur for which a record needs to be kept; records of consent to treatment; any correspondence relating to you with other health care professionals, for example in the hospital or community services.

Why do we need information about you?

We ned to keep comprehensive and accurate personal data about our patients in order to provide them with safe and appropriate treatment.  We also need to process personal data about you to ensure proper management and administration.

How we process the data?

We will proces the data in the following way:

Retaining information: We will retain your physiotherapy records while you are a patient and after you cease to be a patient, for at least eight years or for children until age 25, whichever is the longer.  Security of information/personal data about you is held in the clinic’s computer system and/or in a manual filing system.  The information is not accessible to the public and only authorised members of staff have access to it.  Our computer system is protected and we back up information routinely.

Disclosure of information

In order to provide proper care, we may need to disclose personal information about you to:

Your general medical practitioner; the hospital or community services; other health professional caring for you; private insurance companies if you pay through a third party; other payment schemes such as solicitor practices, or athlete schemes.

Disclosure will take place on a “need-to-know” basis, so that only those individuals/organisations who need to know in order to provide care to you.

In very limited circumstances or when required by law or a court order, personal data may have to be dislcosed to a third party not connected with your health care.  In all other situations, disclosure that is not covered by this Code of Practice will only occur when we have your specific consent.

Where possible you will be informed of these requests for disclosure.


You have the right of access to the data that we hold about you and to receive a copy.  Access may be obtained my making a request in writing and the payment of a fee for access of £20.  We will provide a copy of the record within 20 days of receipt of request and fee (where payable) and an explanation of your record should you require it.

If you do not agree

If you do not wish personal data that we hold about you to be disclosed or used in the way that it is described in the Code of Practice, please discuss the matter with your Physiotherapist.  You have the right to object, but this may affect our ability to provide you with treatment.